well i had a crossbite and a little bit of a snaggle tooth. I am on my 12 set out of 13 and i can most definatlry tell a huge differnce in my teeth. btw invisalign is (in my opion) the best way to straigten your teeth because it doesnt hurt at all and i only had mine for about six months. you also have shorter visit than with regular braces.

It all depends on how good u take care of ur braces, it may shorteren the time, But if u do a crapy job of taking care of u braces it is going to take longer. But it all depends on u, My brother had his braces on 4 5 years!! And he took good care of them, But like i said it all depends!! Good luck:)

The bump is a naturally occurring bit of gum tissue. Everyone has it, but it's behind their front teeth. The gap lets yours shows. It is called the incisive papilla. It is meant to be padding over a place where a nerve, artery, and vein come out of the palate.

If the space is large enough so the tooth looks normal, it can be inserted.

Yes, and it's a great way to change the shape, appearance and fill the gap. I had my 4 front teeth done, but you may be able to get away with two. They look and feel natural. Most insurance wont cover it, but it's worth the money. Ask the dentist if you can go to the lab for a custom shade? That way you are sure to get a more perfect match to your other teeth.