When your tooth is considered to be unrestorable and its useful life has expired, then the decision will be made in conjunction with you, the patient, to extract the tooth.

No, the tooth is put to sleep, using local anaesthetic and all you may experience is a little discomfort..

As dental professionals, we want you to receive the highest quality treatment that is most appropriate for your specific needs. Especially with larger procedures, sometimes it's important to get multiple opinions. This process can help you determine what the best treatment options are for your needs, and it helps you find a provider that you really feel comfortable with!

Wisdom teeth that are fully erupted and exposed may not have to be removed. However, they are typically hard to reach with a toothbrush and floss, which puts them at a high risk for tooth decay or gum disease.

Extractions start from ₨.5011.00. The cost will depend on the complexity of the tooth being extracted.

We will provide you with detailed instructions that are unique to your extraction. Be sure to follow this guide, and contact us if you have any questions or are uncertain about how to proceed.

You’ll definitely want to take the day after your extraction off so that you can relax and heal. There may also be swelling that makes you look slightly different, or make it slightly harder for you to speak. You shouldn’t exercise, bend over, or do heavy lifting for the 1-3 days after your surgery.

For most patients, OTC painkillers are sufficient. We will prescribe you medication if you have a special case that is more uncomfortable. Take painkillers immediately after your extraction, while you’re still numb – that way, you’ll have support as the local anesthetic wears off. You should avoid aspirin, as this can be a blood thinner and prevent your blood from clotting.

That depends on the stitches. We may give you standard sutures, or dissolvable sutures, which will gradually degrade on their own. If you have to have your stitches removed, don’t get nervous about that appointment – there won’t be any pain, just a little bit of pressure and a tugging feeling.

The pain after extraction will be noticeable, but it will only affect your daily life for a few days after treatment. After the first week of healing, things should be improving. If you find that your discomfort is growing after week one, you may be experiencing dry socket and should get in touchright away.

You’ll be more comfortable on a liquid/soft foods diet immediately after your oral surgery. Most patients usually do this for a few days after treatment, until the initial pain has faded. Don’t use straws, as the sucking motion can pull on your stitches and also cause fresh bleeding.