No Dark Line: Often, even with crowns that are made of a combination of porcelain and metal, it is easy to see where the restoration ends and your natural tooth begins, creating a noticeable dark line. This can make your teeth appear dirtier than they actually are, and stick out whenever you smile or speak. All ceramic restorations, however, are able to blend in seamlessly, hiding the area between your tooth and the restoration. More Beautiful: This is where the true advantage of all ceramic restorations lie. The porcelain material used can be shaped, shaded, and sized to perfectly blend into your smile. Most people will not know that you have had a restoration at all. This makes them especially appropriate for your front teeth. Non-Allergenic: Many people are not able to get traditional restorations because they have metal allergies. Ceramic crowns and bridges are completely bio-compatible, meaning that they easily work with your body without causing irritation to your gums.

If you are interested in getting one of your teeth repaired or replaced, the first step is to visit Dr. Gupta at Smile By Design . This will give him the chance to examine your teeth and gums to make sure an all ceramic restoration will work for you. After that, Dr. Gupta will probably be able to give you a crown or bridge in as little as two visits.

The expected lifetime of a porcelain veneer is somewhere between seven and 20 years. Veneers sometimes come off or chip. If this happens, they can be repaired or replaced. Also, over time, the living tooth and gum tissue around the veneers will undergo changes that may require alterations to your veneers.

Maintenance for your ceramic restorations is very simple, as they only require routine brushing and flossing. The ceramic itself can never get a cavity, but your remaining tooth can start to decay and your gums may recede if they become infected. This may change how the restoration fits and can make it non-functional. Between your home routine and getting regular check-ups, your restoration can easily last for decades.