BPS (Biofunctional Prosthetic System) dentures are made with systematically coordinated materials and techniques from one manufacturer to suit the individuals’ intra oral condition appropriately. BPS denture reproduces the functions of the natural teeth during mastication and speaking to a very high extent.

The patient will get a well fitting denture which is stable during functions like chewing, eating and speaking. The denture is extremely light and comfortable to wear, the teeth used are the best available – which are most aesthetic and wear very less – therefore enhance the life of the denture.

Yes. Even harder foods can be consumed immediately after denture insertion. The usage of high quality teeth sets and the work in the articulator according to the BPS principles makes a BPS denture a masterpiece.

It is a device which emulates the human jaw movements.

The dentures are processes using continuous injection molding technique with high fracture resistant and 25years clinical approved material. The material not only ensures strength but is the lightest material available for denture base

BPS is an opportunity for all dentists, who offer their patients high-quality brand dentures and would like to actively increase patient loyalty. Additional services provided by your laboratory (e.g. patient card, denture care tips) and the means of communication made available to you by Ivoclar Vivadent will increase the satisfaction of your patients.

BPS brand prosthetics has been designed to satisfy the quality requirements of your patients. This will boost the reputation of removable denture prosthetics and promote the communication between dentists and dental technicians. Under the umbrella of the strong BPS Team, a cooperation will develop, which opens up new perspectives and ways of thinking for all members.

Only certified BPS Laboratories may fabricate BPS brand dentures of the core products defined in the agreement. These BPS core products are:  Stratos articulators  Ivoclar Vivadent teeth  Ivoclar Vivadent denture base materials Furthermore, the teeth must be set-up and the dentures completed according to the Ivoclar Vivadent method. The set-up course during the certification process is the prerequisite. If all these requirements have been met, we can speak of BPS brand dentures, due to their consistently high quality standard.

Your patients attach great value to accurately fitting and aesthetic dentures. At the same time, however, competent help and information in case of questions or problems are equally important. With the help of the various BPS means of communication, your patients can get informed directly in the waiting room. Moreover, professional explanations by means of the corresponding flowchart may be conducted during the consultation.

The BPS give-aways are available under the respective article number from your Ivoclar Vivadent contact..