Root canal treatment has become a very common dental procedure throughout the world because of oral health negligence by the patient. Basically the root canal treatment is required when the nerves or the pulp tissue get infected as the dental caries or decay approaches the pulp which is the vital tissue of the tooth.
Earlier root canal treatment was performed using conventional 2 percent hand files, but it had many disadvantages like, Instrument separation, Ledge formation, Debris accumulation, Transportation of canal, inability of irrigants to reach till apex etc.

Walia et al in 1988 introduced nickel titanium instruments, which were manufactured in larger taper, i.e 4 percent, 6 percent. Nickel titanium has many advantages over conventional hand files like they provided more flared preparation of canal which allows easy flow of irrigant till apex, they were more effective in preparing curved canals as they are more flexible, less debris accumulation, less chances of instrument separation, etc.

But the major disadvantage of these files is that they are not able to shape the canal three dimensionally because of their cross section, they tend to provide circular preparation of canal and therefore not prepare the extremities of the canal wall.

So at Dr Gupta’s Dental Clinic we have introduced a latest root canal preparation system in the world, The Self Adjusting File, This is a hollow file which does not have a core and it adapts itself in the canal three dimensionally and instead of cutting the canal it scrubs the canal walls uniformly in three dimensions therefore maintaining the original anatomy of the canal. Major advantage of this file system is that It activates the irrigant simultaneously as the file is working in the canal therefore prevents debris accumulation and prevents postoperative pain, as it does not have a core so it is extremely flexible file and perfectly adapts in the curvature present at the apical third, as it does not bind in the canal so chances of separation of file is also negligible.

Self Adjusting File is the latest technology in the world and approved by FDI And Americal Dental Association.  

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