Captek Crowns & Bridges

Captek Crowns & Bridges are a new age solution that differ from traditional crowns in the fact that the metal coping beneath the porcelain is made up of 88% gold reinforced with a Platinum – Palladium skeleton. Gold copings are better than metal copings because of increased aesthetics, corrosion resistance and increased biocompatibility.

Indications for Captek are:

- Anterior and Posterior Crowns

- Anterior and Posterior Bridges

- Splints

It’s Not Just Golden, It’s Real Gold!

The Captek crown consists of porcelain baked to a pure gold coping as against base metal copings used in other porcelain fused to metal crowns.

It Looks So Real, You Can't Tell The Difference!

In addition to providing a more vital-looking crown, clinicians report Captek crowns usually have improved surrounding gingival color. This clinical benefit has been described as the "crown with the warm glow."

No More Gray Lines At Crown Margin!

Gold coping of Captek Crowns is corrosion resistant so there is no corrosion and discoloration at the margins of the crown whereas in base metal coping crowns, the crown margins may become gray after some time.

It’s Beautiful And It’s Also Longer Lasting!

The Corrosion Resistance property of Captek ensures you of a long-lasting solution that not only looks beautiful but also stands the test of time.

It Restores The Tooth & Keeps Your Gums Healthy!

Captek is the only crown and bridge solution clinically proven to lower harmful bacteria counts in the surrounding sulcus, significant to long-term clinical success.

According to the Harvard Research Institute, Captek exhibits less bacteria accumulation on its surface than natural teeth.

Forsyth Dental Center (Boston, MA) has reported 71 percent lower sulcular plaque levels around Captek crowns. This means that your gums stay healthy.

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